🙘 Send SMTP Messages from z/OS Batch, TSO and CICS 🙚

OfficeVision/MVS (OV/MVS) customers have mail enabled line-of-business (LOB) applications that use the underlying e-mail network to distribute information such as reports and status notifications from batch, TSO and/or CICS functions to end-users. OV/MVS traditionally uses a SNADS based e-mail network, either IBM's DISOSS or TBS Software's OfficePath/SNADS.

Even as OV/MVS customers migrated their e-mail users to LAN-based systems such as Lotus Notes/Domino and Microsoft Exchange their LOB applications continue to run on z/OS. However, once all of their OV/MVS users have been migrated, the cost of maintaining a SNADS network just for this purpose becomes a significant cost issue.

While alternate solutions like file transfer may at first seem attractive, they create new challenges of their own. For example, customers who use TBS Software's OfficePath/Batch-TSO and/or OfficePath/CICS ( or their RAPID equivalents1 ) will need to identify all e-mail enabled LOB applications, then change them to use FTP instead of SNADS. Further, FTP only transfers the files to a LAN. The files still need to be addressed and distributed via traditional e-mail.

SMTP-Send (OP/SS) solves these problems by replacing your SNADS e-mail network with industry-standard SMTP. Because it is designed to work with OfficePath or RAPID, no changes are required to your existing mail-enabled LOB applications. Simply replace OfficePath/SNADS or RAPID/Base with OP/SS and map SNADS addresses to SMTP mail addresses. OP/SS will establish a TCP/IP session with your existing SMTP mail network and send it all messages that used to go via SNADS.


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VF Corporation uses OfficePath/SMTP-Send to deliver z/OS application data to Lotus Domino

Glaxo Wellcome uses OfficePath/SMTP-Send to deliver z/OS application data to Microsoft Exchange

1OfficePath/SNADS replaces the distribution functions of DISOSS. RAPID/Base provides comparable functions to OfficePath, but requires DISOSS. RAPID/Batch-TSO is equivalent to OfficePath/Batch-TSO and RAPID/CICS is equivalent to OfficePath/CICS.