SMTP-SendTM - HTML Mail Merge Feature

🙘 Easily generate rich-text e-mail with application data substitution and mail merge 🙚

HTML Mail Merge is an optional feature of SMTP-Send that allows you to send standard forms, such as invoices and purchase orders, as rich-text e-mail messages. Each e-mail message is custom built by merging application data into an existing HTML "form" or template. This is analogous to printing application data onto a preprinted form.

1. Create an HTML formatted template

2. Provide data to "fill in the blanks"
  ?COMPANY=The Acme Corporation
 ?ADDRESS=56991 S.E. Expressway

  ?CITY=Gotham City
  ?TELNO=(555) 555-1212

3. Your customer receives a rich text message

Not all e-mail client products are capable of displaying messages in HTML format. In particular users on older e-mail clients or with limited-function clients like pagers and PDAs may be unable to display rich text. Because HTML Mail Merge uses the industry-standard MIME protocol recipients can automatically view your messages in the richest format their client software is capable of displaying.