SMTP-Send lets you instantly mail enable your applications, and send any z/OS data. Email can be sent immediately, using the SMTP protocol, to any SMTP relay server. Alternately, SMTP-Send can write the fully formatted mail file (.eml) for additional processing or delayed sending. These files are written to the JES2 spool, and emailed (via SMTP) by our Spool Server application. Use whichever technique best suits your workflow.

Look over the features below...

SMTP-Send for z/OS
Add email to your z/OS applications, easily

Mail enable your z/OS jobs, CICS transactions, your TSO commands and REXX scripts.

Send directly to a relay SMTP server

Email is sent immediately. Configure a back-up relay server for seamless fallback when the primary cannot be reached.

Write email to the JES2 spool

This feature offers you batched mailing, and time-shifting capabilities. Our Spool Server can deliver these email, fast, at the time of your choosing, with optional SMF logging. Alternatively, IBM's CSMTP task could be used for this purpose.

HTML Mail-Merge feature

SMTP-Send can send individualized mailings using custom Forms.

ZIP your email

Its simple to shrink your emails when SMTP-Send automatically ZIPs your attachments.

Automatically convert your documents

Present your text data as a formatted PDF. Your documents will look better and can be easily accessed by your recipients. Conversions to RTF can be opened with Microsoft Office.

Access your legacy IBM office data 🦕

If you've ever used an IBM or alternate office product (DISOSS, OfficeVision/MVS, Personal Services, SSWDA, Office), SMTP-Send can be a 'drop-in' replacement, allowing access to your "locked-away" information.

Send any JES2 spool datasets

Powerful selection options to get only the datasets you need. Recipients get nicely formatted HTML attachments, and are able to search the contents.

Implements ASA and MCC carriage control formatting.

Your text will look the way it was intended, with proper pagination and spacing.

LDAP address lookup

Use any addressing scheme you've got, SMTP-Send can get the proper SMTP address from your LDAP server.

Substitution variables

Dynamically add runtime data to your subjects and messages.

Get these powerful utilities, free with SMTP-Send.

Job Notifier

Get email notifications when your job(s) end, with key job details. You create the subject you want, include the details you want, from a generous selection. Choices include the SYSID, error stepname, job completion text and more. You also have the option to include a copy of the JES syslog in your message.

JES2 Spool Server

SMTP-Send can write email files to your spool. Your business apps may also write email files to spool (including via XMIT). Our Spool Server supports all of them with lightning speed.
You can easily Batch and/or Defer your email sends. Batching is automatic, and saves overhead by letting email accumulate for a period of time. When a connection is made to the relay server, all accumulated email are sent. Defer your sends just by scheduling the Server to start at your optimal sending time.

Zip & Unzip tools for z/OS

Zip and Unzip an entire PDS, or any collection of sequential datasets. Save space. Use as a backup tool. Compatible with any PC Zip program.

See ourfrequently asked questions - FAQpage for more information about eMail for your Mainframe

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