SMTP-SendTM The power of e-mail distribution from z/OS

Easily add e-mail distribution to your z/OS Batch, TSO and CICS applications


SMTP-Send lets you easily send information by e-mail directly from existing CICS, TSO and batch processes to recipients on your intranet as well as out on the Internet. Your applications and operations staff can quickly begin mail-enabling your line of business and operations processes from within the 'glass house' without getting lost in arcane protocols such as TCP/IP, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, LDAP, MIME, etc. Since all the processing takes place on the z/OS or OS/390 platform you don't need to learn about PC or UNIX based mail systems. Your operations staff can control the processing using familiar tools and procedures. SMTP-Send is a one-way communications process from z/OS to the outside world. By positioning your mainframe SMTP server behind the corporate firewall you preserve system integrity. SMTP-Send lets you benefit from new technology and from new ways of doing business while preserving your investments in current systems.


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Any IBM-supported release of z/OS or OS/390

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