Application/Fax (OVFax)

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Application Fax is a comprehensive CICS based package which provides the following facilities to automate the transmission of faxes from z/OS mainframe based applications:

Automated fax transmission saves costs by cutting out the time traditionally spent in printing a document, walking over to the fax machine, operating the machine and so forth. Using business applications to generate the fax also means that the business cycle can become more automated and completed much faster. For example, when a customer telephones to ask for a price quotation, the details can be on his desk in the form of a high quality fax document in a matter of minutes.

Quality as well as speed is important when dealing with customers. Application Fax can help by delivering high quality documentation. Images such as signatures, logos or even product pictures can be included in faxes. A variety of cover sheets can also be set up, with each transmission automatically picking up the correct one. In addition, faxes can be generated using standard forms (eg, an invoice) without the effort or expense involved in using pre-printed stationary.

Application Fax has a number of features to reduce the adminstrative overhead and put you in control. Automatic restart and resend functions reduce the need for manual intervention even when a problem has occurred. In addition, a comprehensive online status enquiry allows the progress of each fax to be closely monitored.

Component Overview

Application Fax consists of two main components:

Application Fax Component Overview

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