🙘 Connect all your SNADS eMail systems 🙚

  • replaces the SNADS distributions services of DISOSS
  • connects to all SNADS e-mail systems
  • connects to LAN e-mail systems including Lotus Notes, cc:Mail, Microsoft Exchange, MS-Mail (requires a separate mail gateway)
  • optional links to MVS Batch, TSO, CICS and Fax
  • uses less CPU and performs fewer I/Os than DISOSS
  • simple to install and administer
  • cost effective; you can recover its cost in as little as 6 months


OfficePath/PROFS provides communications between OfficePath/SNADS and OfficeVision/VM or PROFS. This feature allows OV/VM and PROFS users to exchange e-mail with users of SNADS-based systems. OfficePath/PROFS runs entirely on MVS, and requires nothing to install on OV/VM or PROFS.


OfficePath Library Retrieval
The OfficePath Library Retrieval feature lets you retrieve DISOSS library documents online -- without the need to continue to run DISOSS. Retrieving documents is easy. Just type your selection criteria, choose the documents you want from the resultant list, then specify the e-mail address to which you want them to be sent.