Mainframe email distribution made e-zee

Get fully supported email for your z/OS data.

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Introducing SMTP-Send

The easy way to add email to your Mainframe applications
Here are some reasons why it's the right choice, for you.

Run anywhere, Send anything

Runs where your business logic needs it, in Batch, CICS, ISPF or by direct call from your Applications. Send any files from z/OS, zFS, JES2, or CICS TD & TS queues.

Easy to Use and Customize

Standardize your email with custom notices and sensitivity text. Make it look as good as you want with HTML mail templates


From its configuration in Parmlib, to SMF logging and RACF authorization, it knows “how to play” on z/OS

Fast & Efficient

Written in Assembler and 'C', and requires no external runtime libraries.

Comes with full support

When you have any ideas or issues, we're here to help you get it done

Get your Job output, where you need it

As soon as your Job ends, SMTP-Send can email the output you want, nicely formatted, and searchable.

About SMTP-Send

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The TBS Advantage

Since 1986, we have concentrated our efforts to improving and refining eMail capabilities for the mainframe.
We've acquired a lot of 'know-how', and we are sure you can benefit from our experience.

Backed by our world famous customer support

Get fast and personalized support, no matter where you are

Designed for the mainframe, from the ground up

Our developers have many decades experience with CICS, MVS, OS/390 and z/OS

email, our specialty

Our team has designed & developed many products to facilitate document handling and distribution, including a complete, proprietary email system for MVS