Now available for Download
SMTP-Send 7

We are pleased to announce the general availability of SMTP-Send 7.

Release 7 extends the deep enhancements of the R6 codebase with new functionality, fixes and improvements. This release supports z/OS 2.1 and higher, utilizing the Language Environment runtime. There is no longer any requirement for the SASC runtime library.

The ZIP functions have been fully revamped to take advantage of the zOS environment, and add functionality.
The long anticipated JESJOB feature is now available. This enables you to send the JES2 datasets you select, as a formatted and navigable HTML attachment. You can view these attachments in your email client, but your browser will give you the best representation of the embedded CSS/HTML code.

Here are some of the highlights
- email any MVS, HFS, or JES2 dataset
- support for re-sendable non-delivery reports (NDRs)
- 50% thruput improvement in the TBS Spool Server
- enhanced reliability
- ISPF dialog improvements, no installation necessary
- new PDF syntax and automatic page width
- improved ZIP functionality, can attach entire PDS
- many fixes and usability improvements
- improved diagnosis and error handling
- the standard z/OS Language Environment is the only runtime required
- improved documentation
- simplified download procedure

More info can be found on the product page for SMTP-Send

email customer support for download directions.

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