SMTP-Send for z/OS 6.0 Announcement

Now available for Download

SMTP-Send for z/OS 6.0

We are pleased smile to announce the general availability of SMTP-Send for z/OS 6.0. This release fully supports z/OS v2.1 (and was even built on it!).

sparkles Here are some of the highlights sparkles
- support for re-sendable non-delivery reports (NDR)
- 50% thruput improvement in the TBS Spool Server
- enhanced reliability
- ISPF dialog improvements, no installation necessary
- new PDF syntax and automatic page width
- ZIP improvments, can attach entire PDS
- many fixes and usability improvements
- improved error handling
- now utilizes the z/OS Language Environment runtime
- improved documentation

point_right More info can be found on the product page for SMTP-Send for z/OS 6.0