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If your organization is trying to cope with the administrative headaches that come with large numbers of electronic mail users, you've come to the right place. TBS Software develops, markets and supports software products that solve these problems. Our products help both users of IBM z/OS and OS/390 (MVS)-based office systems as well as those wanting to migrate from host to client-server e-mail systems.

Established in 1986, TBS Software has achieved a worldwide reputation for quality products and support services. We've been an IBM/Lotus Business Partner since 1989, and we're now the worldwide distributor and support organization for the Office Systems products developed by Icom Solutions.

In addition to our product line, we have years of experience working with legacy systems such as MVS, CICS, SNADS, DISOSS, Soft*Switch and OfficeVision/MVS ranging from low-level s/390 Assembler coding to the latest in C++ and JAVA. In the PC and client server areas, we have developed code for Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino servers and Notes clients in Windows and OS/390 (and z/OS) Unix System Services environments. Our consulting services can help you bridge the information gap from your legacy system to e-business.

Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, mid sized firms and government agencies, both Canadian and US from city governments to states to Federal agencies.

Announcing SMTP-Send for z/OS 6.0 now available for download

SMTP-Send and OfficePath/SMTP-Send for z/OS let you:
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Got questions about mainframe e-mail? See our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section.

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